Little Fishing Women.

Some of our most recent and favorite customers have been these two gals! And if they can do it, we sure know you can catch a shrimp and a fish as well. 

Summer is in full swing and there is few ways to enjoy it like a day on the water. With the temperatures coming up its keeping the fish active and easy to catch. If that's not enough its never been easier to catch a tan. 

The next generation of professional fishers. 

The next generation of professional fishers. 

River Harrington, little fishing girl. Vero Beach, Florida. Florida Boat Rentals.
If they can do it we know you can!

We hope you get the chance to spend the day on the Indian River soon! Beat the heat and get on the water. 


-Florida Boat Rentals. 


Fishing is on!

To all our fishing fanatics looking to score some trophy fish or just get dinner, the fishing is on! It is in a great season to get on the river and catch fish. Many of our customers are coming back with great tales and nice fish. So if you are looking to get out fishing we do suggest that the time is now! 

You can always stop in at the Vero Beach Tackle shop located at our docks to get your bait and fishing gear, also ask where they suggest to head out. Good luck out there! 

A nice Black Drum caught on the Indian River. 

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you on the River! 

-FL Boat Rentals

The Season is Now!

Hello and welcome to Fl Boat Rentals! 

If you've ever thought about enjoy an evening on the Indian River Lagoon, now is the time to do it! Warmer wether and longer days means more time to fish, relax, and enjoy our beautiful lagoon. 

Check out these images of last evenings sunset and now imagine if you were enjoying that from the boat. Contact us for our rental availability and book your boat today. 

Thank You! 

-FL Boat Rentals.